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Molecular Services

Our Molecular Services Laboratory is a rapidly expanding department that uses a variety of methods to detect the presence, and in some cases levels, of viral or bacterial genetic material (DNA or RNA) in a patient sample. Molecular tests are much more sensitive than older methods such as virus isolation and the results are produced much quicker, allowing for earlier diagnosis. Our testing repertoire reflects current public health requirements and new tests are introduced on this basis.

We are able to test a wide range of patient samples, from swabs, stools and urines to bloods, tissues and CSFs. Tests performed include Respiratory virus screen, viral meningitis/encephalitis screen and we also test for Norovirus outbreaks. We offer C. diff ribotyping and detection of bacterial DNA in culture negative sterile site samples (16s).

We also monitor viral loads in blood samples of patients with viruses such as HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, CMV, EBV etc. Our Antiviral Resistance Testing Service (ARTS) department monitors for drug resistance in samples from patients with HIV, Hepatitis B and CMV.


Operational Lead: Mrs Judith Workman

Clinical Lead: Dr Mike Kidd


Click here for a copy of the HIV-1 genotypic resistance request form

Click here for a copy of the STEC O157 request form

Click here for a copy of the 16s request form

A complete list of currently available assays can be found in the pathology test database





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