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Accessing Laboratory Results

Electronic Reports.

The Directorate is able to report electronically to GP practice systems to national standards via the Data Transfer Service. Practices wishing to receive results electronically or requiring advice and assistance should contact the Laboratory Medicine Information Systems Manager. 0121 424 0693

 Laboratory reports are available to appropriately registered users via the trust intranet by accessing the ICE Electronic Requesting and Reporting system, or via Trust EPR Vortal and Results Reporting system.

The ICE Electronic Reporting system receives reports on samples received from trust, general practice and other external locations. It provides users access to clinically authorised reports from all Laboratory Medicine disciplines using web browser software. The system is updated every 5 minutes with new authorised reports. A variety of tools are provided within the ICE reporting system, including options to display or print cumulative and graphical representations of the report data.

Links to ICE are available from the Intranet home page and the Tools area of the EPR Vortal.

Paper Reports

  • Inpatient reports are not printed form biochemistry, haematology and microbiology as they are available electronically.
  • Service receivers will receive hardcopy Blood Bank and Cellular Pathology reports
  • Where a GP practice receives electronic reports for biochemistry, haematology and microbiology, hardcopy reports for these disciplines will by default not be printed unless the practice specifically requests activation.
  • Hard copy paper reports are being phased out where appropriate due to electronic result availability 
  • Reports are distributed within the Trust by porter or internal post
  • Reports are distributed to GPs (where applicable) by courier or post
  • All other reports are sent by post unless specific arrangements are made to collect

Confidentiality Issues

  • Laboratory Medicine has a policy not to fax results in any circumstances.
  • Laboratories are not able to give information relating to results directly to patients.
  • You will be asked to provide sufficient information to obtain positive identification prior to results being given by telephone.
  • The Directorate reserves the right to refuse to give out patient information or results if the identity or right to access of the person requesting results is in question.


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