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Protection of Personal Information – Pathology Laboratories Services comply with the Trust Data Protection Policy and have procedures in place to allow the Directorate and it’s employees to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 and associated best practice and guidance.

The laboratories at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Heartlands Hospital, Good Hope Hospital and Solihull Hospital form part of the services provided by University Hospitals Birmingham and are UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) accredited to the ISO 15189:2012 standard.  Laboratories are currently transitioning across to ISO 15189:2022 standard. For a list of accredited tests and other information please visit the UKAS website using the following link:

  • Molecular Pathology is a UKAS accredited medical laboratory No. 8759
  • Biochemistry is a UKAS accredited medical laboratory No. 8910
  • Haematology and Transfusion is a UKAS accredited medical laboratory No. 8784
  • Clinical Microbiology is a UKAS accredited medical laboratory No. 8760
  • Cellular Pathology is a UKAS accredited medical laboratory No. 10141
  • Musculoskeletal laboratory is a UKAS accredited medical laboratory No. 9897
  • United Kingdom Health Security Agency laboratory is a UKAS accredited medical laboratory No.8213

Tests not appearing on the UKAS Schedule of Accreditation currently remain outside of our scope of accreditation. However, these tests have been validated to the same high standard as accredited tests and are performed by the same trained and competent staff.

For further test information, please visit the test database:

For further information contact Louise Fallon, Quality Manager, 0121 371 5962/ 0121 424 1235


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On The Directorate of Laboratory Medicine Website, you can:

  • Find out more information about each of the departments in the Directorate of Laboratory Medicine;
  • Access a list of contacts for each department of the Directorate of Laboratory Medicine;
  • Search for a test in the Test Database. Here you will be able to find out more information about any test that is offered by the Directorate of Laboratory Medicine (see below);
  • Find out the opening hours of the Labs;
  • Find out the location of the Hospitals and how to get to them;
  • Find out further information for patients about certain tests;
  • Find out the Reference ranges for the tests offered by the Directorate of Laboratory Medicine;
  • Get help for filling out the request forms;

Read more: Help

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Phlebotomy Services


See Opening Times in the table below

Birmingham Heartlands Hospital (Adults)
Main Outpatient Department
The blood room in the old OPD at Heartlands Hospital has now moved to a new location on the ground floor of the new Heartlands Treatment Centre (HTC). The blood room in HTC is for patients who are over 18 only.
Monday – Thursday
08:30 – 16:45
08:30 – 16:15
Good Hope Hospital
Treatment Centre
Monday - Friday
09:00 - 16:45
Solihull Hospital
Bruce Burns Unit situated at the North Entrance, Door Number 12.006.1
Monday - Friday
08.00 - 16:45

As Phlebotomy can be extremely busy please ensure that you have arrived at least 15 minutes before the closure time to ensure being seen.

We have a significant number of patients attend, particularly in Solihull who appear to be neither urgent, or to have had a failed attempt. Therefore in order to avoid excessive waiting times, it is advisable for GP patients - if indicated to do so by their clinician, advised their sample is urgent or there have been failed attempts at sampling,  where feasible, to attend outside the peak times of 09:00 -  12:00.  Please note these Departments are not open on Bank Holidays.

Further information or advice please telephone Good Hope 0121 424 9079,  Heartlands 0121 424 0242 or  Solihull 0121 424 5308

Limited phlebotomy service is provided by this department into primary care via certain GP surgeries. For further enquires contact Phlebotomy Manager 0121 424 0242.

Paediatric Phlebotomy

A specialised service for Paediatrics is available on the Heartlands site. For children under 16 requiring a blood test, please go to the main hospital reception and ask for directions for Ward 14 as blood tests are conducted opposite this ward. Paediatric patients will be considered on other sites however if it is felt more appropriate you may be advised to take your child to Heartlands for this service.

In patients

The phlebotomy department provides a service to all wards Monday to Saturday (& Sunday at Good Hope). This takes the format of a morning ward round 07:30 - 12:00 on both Heartlands and Solihull sites, 08:00 - 12:00 Good Hope. On Saturdays (& Sunday at GHH) and Bank Holidays this is for the collection of urgent specimens only 07:30 -10:30. There is no phlebotomy service on Christmas Day.

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Labelling Requirements

Label requirements for all areas of Laboratory Medicine


Acceptable sample labelling

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ScreenHunter 55 Jun. 29 16.34

ScreenHunter 56 Jun. 29 16.35

It is possible to have your printer settings adjusted to the required label size (4 x 5cm max) – please contact IT.

Please note…

Samples cannot be accepted if:-

  1. Samples are unlabelled or incorrectly match the request form.
  2. Samples are received in a hazardous condition i.e. leaked in to the bag.
  3. Incorrect storage and/or transport of samples is obvious, e.g. incubated not refrigerated.

Any urgent samples that cannot be accepted we will endeavour to contact the requestor/ ward immediately- please ensure these details are on the form.

It is the expectation of the laboratory that all requests are made by and are the responsibility of medics, although in some cases these responsibilities can be delegated to an appropriately trained Healthcare practitioner.

It is the expectation of the laboratory that all samples are taken by an appropriately trained healthcare professional and are in line with the laboratories sample receipt policy detailed above.

It is the responsibility of the requestor/ requesting organisation to ensure the integrity of all samples and for maintaining the quality of samples from the point of collection to receipt by authorised laboratory personnel or laboratory courier service.  The requesting location is also responsible for the correct storage and management of tubes, sample containers and other consumables in their area that could affect the integrity of samples.

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Pathology Supplies

Pathology Supplies. Test Request forms, phlebotomy supplies and specimen pots are available from Laboratory Medicine Stores.

Gp Surgeries can also email supply requests or ask any supply related queries by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Read more: Pathology Supplies

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