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Transfusion Reactions

If a transfusion reaction is suspected, stop the transfusion immediately.  Follow the trust protocol (internal users only) and inform blood bank.   All units which have been used (partially and fully) must be returned to the blood bank along with:

Transfusion Reaction - Sample Requirements
EDTA (pink top)

2 x 6 ml EDTA samples for Blood Bank

EDTA (purple top)
1 x 4 ml EDTA sample for FBC
Sodium Citrate (blue top) 1 x 3.5 ml Sodium Citrate sample for coagulation studies
Clotted (gold top)

1 x 7 ml Clotted sample for biochemistry investigations

Blood culture bottles

Blood culture samples to microbiology

The Blood Bank will issue a 'Transfusion Reaction' form for the person in charge of the patient to complete

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