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  • PTH Update

    PTH Update

    Item Author Craig Webster

    From 27th February 2014 we will be resuming a PTH service from Heartlands using the Roche intact PTH assay (iPTH).  It is difficult to directly compare results determined from the previous Abbott assay to the Roche assay as the Abbott method had a significant positive bias with respect to Roche, therefore you should expect slightly lower results now.  The reference range for iPTH on the Roche assay is 1.6-6.9 pmol/L. 


    Analysis will be batched daily, Monday-Friday.  As previously plasma from EDTA samples is the preferred sample type.  If there is a need for an urgent PTH the current process of contacting the duty biochemist/duty consultant will continue and the urgent pathway implemented. If there are any queries clinicians should contact the duty biochemist/duty consultant.

  • Important Notice re PTH analysis

    Important Notice re PTH analysis

    Item Author Craig Webster

    Dear Colleague,

    Product Recall: Parathyroid hormone (PTH) test

    Abbott Laboratories who supply our major laboratory biochemistry analysers and the reagents for the majority of the tests we run on these machines, have issued a global product recall for their parathyroid hormone (PTH) test. We received an initial warning of this recall by phone on 13th February and written confirmation and further details this morning. We have been instructed to stop using their PTH assay immediately and destroy our current stocks of reagent.


    Item Author Craig Webster

    The PHE Public Health Laboratory Birmingham are changing the type of sample tubes required for urines sent for microscopy, culture and sensitivity testing (M,C&S). The new tubes will fit directly onto the laboratory’s new automated analysers which will speed up the processing of urines. This is part of the quality improvement and technical modernisation strategy of the laboratory. The smaller volume required to fill the new style boric acid containers should also reduce the number of samples we cannot process due to them being under-filled. For urines for tests other than M,C&S (e.g. Pregnancy test, legionella antigen, virology, TB culture, chlamydia and gonorrhoea) please continue to use the sample containers currently required for those tests. For CSF's and any sterile sites e.g. Ascitic Fluid, Knee Aspirates, Pleural Fluids, PD Fluids, Pus samples and any other fluid samples please send them in a 20ml universal. Urines for MC&S in a 20ml universal will be rejected, so please send in correct container. Please check your requisition form to make sure you can order both types of specimwn containers.

  • New High Sensitive Troponin Assay

    New High Sensitive Troponin Assay

    Item Author Craig Webster

    New high-sensitivity Troponin I replacing Troponin I blood test from 01/10/2013
    From 01/10/13 high-sensitivity Troponin I will be available instead of Troponin I.  
    All requests measured by the high-sensitivity Troponin I method will have an appropriate comment appended. Please note new cut-off value. At least one result from serial measurements must be >=26 ng/L and >20% change to be POSITIVE for AMI. Protocol can be downloaded form here


Written by Craig Webster on .

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