Specimen Labelling And Completion Of The Request Form

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All Histology specimens must be labelled appropriately and accompanied by a fully completed request from.

Specimen Labelling Requirements

Request Form Labelling Requirements

The DATE AND TIME that the specimen is taken is particularly important for breast core biopsies and bone marrow trephine biopsies to ensure optimal results of subsequent testing.

Items in bold type are essential. Failure to provide the essential information may result in a delay in reporting as confirmation of patient demographics will be required prior to specimen processing Where there are inadequate patient or specimen identification details the clinician will be informed and requested to attend the department, identify the case and provide the necessary details. If the clinician cannot be contacted the request form and specimen will be returned to the sender with a "discrepancy" proforma to be completed by the clinician. The completed and signed proforma must then be returned with the corrected form/specimen pot to the department. A Datix incident report will be completed if a sepcimen has to be returned for relabelling.

If a report is required urgently the request form must be labelled URGENT/TWO WEEK WAIT/ETC and the specimen must be sent to the laboratory as soon as possible. If a report is required for an MDT it is helpful if the date of the MDT is stated on the form.