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On The Directorate of Laboratory Medicine Website, you can:

To find information about each of the departments within the Directorate of Laboratory Medicine, click the corresponding button on the left hand side of the page under the "Main Menu" title.

To search for a test; you can either click on the "test database" link at the top of the page (below the header) and then click the "click here to search for tests" link, or click the "test database" button on the left hand side of the page to take you straight to the database search page.

Once at the test database search page you can type in the name of the test (or a term associated with the test) and then click the search button to search the database for that particular test. Once you have clicked search, you will get a results page, click on the link that is most appropriate for the test you require, this will then take you to the test database page for that particular test. Examples of a couple of the most common searches are shown below:

Figure 1 shows the search page.

Figure 2 shows the search reults page

Figure 3 shows the Test Database page for the test for Sodium levels.

As you can see the Test Database page shows the sample types that the test can be performed on, the volume required, the department in which the test is performed, the turnaround time, the reference range, an overview of the test, any other comments about the test, any patient preparation required and also whether the Lab Participates in EQA Scheme.

Figure 4 shows the test database page for the FBC. As you can see again, the test database page shows useful information about the test.