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  • Notification of Change: Measurement of Glucose-6-Phosphate-Dehydrogenase (G6PD)

    Item Author Mark Hill

    From Monday 27th November 2017, the Haematology Department will perform G6PD Assays for all G6PD requests using an assay kit from Pointe Scientific. Previously a screen was initially performed to identify if the activity was normal or reduced followed by an assay only in the event of a reduced screen. The assay method will also change from a manual method (30oC) to an automated method (37oC) on the Abbott Architect platform.

    The reference range will change and will be displayed on the report.

    There is no change to sample type or volume required.

    G6PD assay analysis will be performed in batches, twice weekly during routine hours. If a time critical result is needed please contact the laboratory (40908 / 0121 424 0908) and ask to speak to a Biomedical Scientist before sending a specimen to ensure that your sample is dealt with promptly.

    The assay has been assessed by UKAS against ISO 15189 standards in October 2017 and is awaiting accreditation confirmation.

  • Delay in Renin Analysis

    Item Author Craig Webster

    Dear Colleague,

    Ref: Notification of delay in measurement of Renin mass

    We have been experiencing supply and quality issues with the kits we use for the determination of Renin Mass. This has led to a back log of samples. Therefore, there will be a delay in reporting of results.

    After working with our supplier, we have kits on order that should allow us to work through this backlog and we should be able to start reporting results by the end of next week (10th Of November)

    We have samples stored safely and if any are required urgently we can prioritise analysis or send on to another laboratory.

    Please accept our apologies and If you would like any further information please contact Craig Webster or Joanne Duffy


    Best Wishes

  • Update on Blood Films

    Item Author Craig Webster

    Blood smears are normally spread and stained using a process on an automated platform which has been accredited to ISO 15189 standards with UKAS. In the event of analyser failure blood smears are manually spread and stained using manual techniques which has been validated against the automated method but is not yet accredited by UKAS. This does not affect the interpretation of the morphology.

  • Notification of change: Measurement of Methotrexate

    Item Author Emma Evans

    From Monday 2nd October samples for Methotrexate measurement will be analysed in the Department of Clinical Chemistry at Heartlands Hospital rather than sent away to UHB.

    By bringing this test in house we hope to provide better support for our clinical colleagues by turning around these very urgent samples within 4 hours.

    Methotrexate analysis will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please contact the laboratory (41185 / 0121 424 1185) and ask to speak to a biomedical scientist or biochemist before sending a specimen to ensure that your sample is dealt with promptly.

    **** There will be no change to specimen type or volume required***

    The new assay is awaiting accreditation and will be assessed by UKAS against ISO 15189 standard at our next  inspection in October.

  • Notification of changes to Histology Staining

    Item Author Craig Webster

    Haematoxylin and eosin platform change.

    We are changing our platform for the haematoxylin and eosin stain used for all routine histopathology cases to the Roche HE600 platform from Monday 4th September 2017. This is to allow us to improve the workflow and traceability of reagents used.

    The existing platform will remain in use as contingency and for macro slide staining.

    During slide review at MDT meetings you may notice a difference in the tone of the staining.
    This new platform will be assessed by UKAS against ISO 15189 standards at our next annual inspection in October.

    For further information about this change please contact the department on 0121 424 3188 and ask to speak to a senior member of staff.

Location of Solihull Hospital Pathology

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Solihull Hospital
Lode Lane
B91 2JL

Phone: 0121 424 2000
Fax: 0121 424 2200

Solihull Hospital is in Lode Lane in the town centre. It is within easy access of Junction 5 M42, the A41, Warwick Road and A34, Stratford Road.

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Bus No's: 169 to Heartlands Hospital also numbers 4, 6, 30, 37, 39, 41A, 41C, 57, 57A, 69,  71, 72, 76, 192, 671, 672 all stop within 5 minutes walking distance of the Hospital.

Solihull train station is approximately 1 mile away from the hospital.

Plan a route using the AA route planner (our post code is B91 2JL)


Car parking is available at both Heartlands & Solihull hospitals however at times spaces are limited.
for up to date charges see here

Reduced rates are available for three and seven day parking passes.

Registered disabled drivers displaying a valid blue badge may park free of charge. Patients on income support can park free of charge but this must be verified in advance with the parking office.