NEQAS/EQA (Histopathology)

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Consultant Pathologists belong to the General Pathology NEQAS scheme. The following is a list of schemes subscribed to:

  • Regional Histopathology EQA
  • National Renal EQA (general)
  • National GIT EQA
  • Bowel Cancer Screening EQA
  • National Prostate Needle Core EQA
  • National Liver EQA
  • National Breast EQA
  • National Gynaecology EQA
  • National Melanoma Club EQA
  • National Lymphoma Club
  • National Thoracic Club

The laboratory also belongs to the following Technical NEQAS schemes:

  • UK Histopathology Technical NEQAS
  • UK NEQAS for Immunohistochemistry
  • UK NEQAS for Her 2 Immunohistochemistry and F.I.S.H.

Any significant technical noncompliances or EQA failures will be reported on this web site.