Criteria for the Acceptance of Specimens

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Specialist information is required for Blood Bank, Cytology and Histology requests. See the individual laboratory section for their requirements.

Prior to venepuncture please ensure that all sample tubes have been stored to the manufacturers reccomendations and have not exceeded the expiry date shown on the label.

Please do not apply labels which overhang the sample or that have any form of barcode.

The table below indicates the mandatory/ essential data required on samples and request forms and outlines the desirable information which ideally should be included.

Transport of Specimens

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Pathology specimens should be sent via the post tube to the laboratory or delivered by hand and left at the reception desk.  Please do not, under any circumstances, leave specimens anywhere else in the Pathology buildings.

All samples sent to the laboratory should be packed so as to comply with the Carriage Dangerous Goods (Classification, Packaging and Labelling) Regulations 1996

Accessing Results Via ICE and iCare

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Pathology reports can be viewed via either the ICE electronic requesting and reporting system or iCare vortal. Access to both these system requires a valid network User ID which is created by Trust ICT Department. It is the responsibility of all staff to complete an ICT Services Application form indicating the clinical systems they require access to. This is normally done during the staff induction process. The application is then validated by the individuals operational or directorate manager. Privilege levels within ICE are controlled by the Directorate of Laboratory Medicine, therefore, should you be able to access the iCare vortal but not the ICE system contact Laboratory Medicine's Information Systems Administrator.

Accessing Laboratory Results

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Electronic Reports.

The Directorate is able to report electronically to GP practice systems to national standards via the Data Transfer Service. Practices wishing to receive results electronically or requiring advice and assistance should contact the Laboratory Medicine Information Systems Manager. 0121 424 0693

Add on tests

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Add On Tests General Criteria and Information 

All add on tests must be on samples taken from the patient in the previous 72 hours

Procedure for requesting Add-On Tests Electronically

  1. Using i-Care, medical staff should select the patient for whom they wish to add-on a test.

  2. Expand the ‘Services’ folder on the left hand side of the screen and click on the link:

  3. View/create Pathology add on test

  4. If any add on tests have already been requested they will be listed here.

  5. Click the add new test link in the top right hand corner.

  6. Complete the form: date of sample, time of sample and test(s) are mandatory fields.

  7. Once the form  is complete click the Submit button.