Raising Concerns About our Services

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Customers may raise concerns through various methods such as phone calls, visits, letters. Specific clinical or technical queries should be via the appropriate Laboratory Manager or Duty On-Call Biomedical Scientist (whichever is most appropriate) – see Department Contacts for details.

Alternatively you may contact the Patient Services Department via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or through a single new hotline number 0121 424 0808.  Formal complaints are addressed by the instigation of the Trust Complaints Procedure

Receiving a Blood Transfusion

Written by Craig Webster on .

Receiving a blood transfusion is like all medical treatments, a blood transfusion should only be used when really necessary. The decision to give a blood transfusion to a patient is made only after careful consideration. In making that decision your doctor will balance the risk of you having a blood transfusion against the risk of you not having one. Ask your doctor to explain why you need a transfusion, as there may be alternative treatments available.