HEFT Mortuary Staffing

Written by Robert Storer.

The Mortuary Manager is Peter Cockcroft and he is based at the Heartlands site on ext. 42197.

The Human Tissue Authority (HTA) Designated Individual for HEFT is Dr Peter Colloby ext. 42921

The Cellular Pathology head Biomedical Scientist is Martin Collard ext. 40189

The mortuaries are staffed by a team of assistant technical officers that cover the three mortuary sites:

  • Bernie Winwood
  • Gemma Fahy
  • Sue Sparrow
  • Fiona Collard
  • Tom Smith (n.b. medical laboratory assistant)
  • Mortuary Services Information

    Written by Robert Storer.

    The Mortuaries and deceased patient viewing facilities are located in the pathology buildings of the BHH and GHH sites. Solihull Hospital Mortuary is located in the main hospital building on the Solihull Site. All of the mortuaries form part of the Cellular Pathology Department within Laboratory Medicine.

    For hospital doctors and relatives wishing to view deceased patients the standard opening hours to of the mortuaries are Monday to Friday 08:30- 13:00 and 14:00-16:00 (BHH GHH and SH). Lunchtime opening 13.00-14.00 is based on staffing and mortuary activity on the day and so not guaranteed. Outside of normal working hours there is controlled access to other Hospital staff via Hotel Services on each site.

    Transportation of deceased patients between the ward and the mortuary is arranged via the porters (BHH ext 40352, GHH ext 47411 and SH ext 44355). It must be carried out in a timely manner, please refer to the Trust's end of life care policy

    Protocols for requesting post mortems are available from the Bereavement Office 41476 (BHH), 45360 (SH) and 47404(GHH).

    For viewing bodies call the appropriate ward or department who can then contact the relevant mortuary to a arrange an appointment. 42197 (BHH), 45566 (SH) and 47325(GHH).

    Specimen Transport (Histopathology)

    Written by Craig Webster.

    All Sites histology specimens requiring routine diagnosis must be placed in a suitable, clearly labelled container of adequate size with a tight fitting lid, containing a sufficient  volume of 10% formalin to completely immerse the tissue (where possible there should be 10 times the volume of formalin to the volume of the specimen). Failure to send specimens in adequate formalin or delaying fixation will be deleterious to the specimen.  Over fixation can also can also affect the performace of tests and the interpretation of results.  Therefore it is imperative that specimens are transported to the Laboratory without delay.

    In the event of formalin spillage follow local spillage procedures and if required, telephone the Histology Laboratory for advice (Ext 43188)

    Ensure that ALL specimens are placed into the provided Histopathology specimen bags and request forms are placed in the pockets of the bags.

    BHH/GHH/SH specimen transportation

    Specimens from operating theatres, DSU and endoscopy at Birmingham Heartlands Hospital, Good Hope Hospital and from theatres and endoscopy at Solihull Hospital arrive in sealed transport containers.

    Ensure that the specimen bags are sealed securely before placing into the transport box.

    The sealed transport box must be taken directly to Solihull or Good Hope Pathology Reception for transportation to BHH. BHH specimens are delivered by the portering service to Laboratory Medicine Reception at BHH.