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The Cytopathology services for the Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust are based at the Birmingham Heartlands Hospital site and can be located within the Cellular Pathology department on the first floor of the Laboratory Medicine directorate building.

Cytopathology/cytology is the study of cells. Cells obtained from body organs and fluid secretions are stained and examined microscopically for pathological change. The services the Cytopathology department provide can be broadly separated into gynaecological cytology (cervical smears) and non-gynaecological systemic cytology.

The gynaecological cytology screening service provides the cervical cytology screening service to the GPs and hospital clinicians as part of the National Health Service Cervical Screening Programme (NHSCSP) taken within Birmingham and uses the Hologic ThinPrep Liquid based cytology technology.  


The non-gynaecological (Systemic) diagnostic service involves theprocessing and analysis of non-gynaecological samples from GPs and hospital clinicians.  It serves as a valuable diagnostic tool to assist in the diagnosis or confirmation of a variety of pathologies, or determine the course of treatment required, and may facilitate the monitoring of disease progression.