Quality In Cytology

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Quality in cytology

The Cytopathology laboratory is committed to providing a high quality service and uses an integrated system of internal quality control to ensure the accuracy and reliability of test results.  The laboratory is currently accredited to UKAS Medical Laboratories accreditation ISO 15189:2012.


External Quality Assurance

All staff involved in the reporting of cervical cytology hold a Cervical Cytology Certificate of Competence and participate in the Regional Screening EQA scheme.

The department participates in Public Health England – East and West Midlands Quality Assurance Reference Centre- Gynaecological Technical EQA Scheme

All staff involved in the reporting of non-gynaecological cytology participate in the North West Region Non Gynaecological Cytology EQA scheme run by the Countess of Chester Hospital.

The department participates in UKNEQAS Non-gynaecological Diagnostic Cytology Technical EQA Scheme.